Some dive sites are just better than others. We’re not talking about better suitable for certain certification levels, better when it comes to conditions or that there happens to be a particular wreck there, but there are some dive sites that just seem to have it all.

All divers love a reef that is healthy and pristine. The reefs that are the most well preserved are well protected by natural breakers or in some cases by humans. Another reason for a reef to be unspoiled however, is the fact that it is simply hard to reach. Or perhaps it is too far away to be profitable for dive operators. At Pure Diving Aruba, we try to open up these sites whenever possible.

Being a responsible dive shop, Pure Diving Aruba has strict minimum standards to decide whether a dive site is accessible for a given day, but also has a responsibility towards screening the customers it takes to these more challenging sites. Therefore we do not book these excursions ahead of your arrival.

Some challenging dive sites on Aruba are: Cabez Reef (shore dive), Neo