Become a safer diver. Become a better buddy. Become a better diver.

Diving with a buddy is the standard for recreational SCUBA diving. The buddy system is designed to always have a redundancy with you in the form of another diver. This other diver is your redundant air source, can cut you out of an entanglement, but is also an extra pair of eyes looking over your gear before you even get in the water. The buddy system only works however when your buddy is on par with you on the field of skills, knowledge, experience and attentiveness. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. This is why we teach a certain amount of self-reliance in all our courses.

With solo diving you will learn to be prepared for any emergencies that may occur, without having to rely on a buddy to handle them. You will learn to deal with sudden equipment failure, out-of-air scenarios, unexpected environmental changes and much more. With this form of diving becoming more and more accepted around the world, self-reliant or solo specialty courses are being offered by most certification agencies. It is designed for divers who are not willing to risk losing their life to the incompetence of a buddy, but also for experienced divers who are for instance; underwater photographers, or those who live on or close to water.

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