Every diver has their own favorite depth while scuba diving. Some prefer the light and colors of the shallows, others the mysterious adventure of the deep. This specialty prepares you for safely diving the deeper places under the surface.

The international diving community, unified in the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC), has put the maximum depth for recreational scuba diving at 40 meters, or 130 ft. Anything beyond this is considered Technical (Tech) diving and requires special protocols, blended breathing gasses, additional understanding of decompression theory and more.

The Deep Diver certification that we offer at Pure Diving Aruba (through PADI or SDI) opens up the full range of dive sites suitable for the recreational diver. Even Aruba has some wrecks that are unsuitable for most divers, such as the Topaz or the Bali Barge.

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